Mailing Lists


Mailing list services are provided to the community of Central Oregon by this server. The intent is to provide a service to the community by giving clubs, volunteers, project and event coordinators, and any other group involved in non-profit, inclusive activities an easy way to communicate via email list. This service is provided free of charge. Some explanation of email lists can be found at this General Introduction page.

This server runs software called Sympa. It provides an interface for the general public to request to subscribe to a mailing list. It lists those mailing lists that have chosen to be listed publicly. There is also an interface for those running and moderating lists to administer those activities. One can also request to have a new mailing list created. The Sympa interface for this server can be found here.

Getting Started

In order to join a list or create a list you must first create a login account. From the Sympa interface, click the "Login" link in the upper right hand corner. This will bring you to a login page. Click the link below the login page that says "First login?". You can enter your email on this page and request your first password. Check your email for a link to continue.

Once you have acquired a working set of login credentials, you can subscribe to those lists that allow you to subscribe yourself. You can also request to have a list created for you. A list server administrator will need to approve this list. If approved, you will be an administrator of the new list.

List Participation

Internet Messaging etiquette, or "Netiquette" as it was once known, is important to remember when participating in public email discussions. RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines is an older document about this topic that is still largely relevant today. You should read it. There are also some additional guidelines that we recommend following:


This service is provided with no warranties or claims of fitness for any purpose. We reserve the right to disallow access of any kind to anyone in any way we see fit for any reason. Civility is expected of all participants. What qualifies as civility is solely at our discretion.

Hate speech or controversial speech we find problematic will be curbed by any means we see fit. We've never had a problem before, but it's important to make this plain.

We do not use or share any data or logs for any purpose other than to run the service effectively. That said, email communications are inherently insecure, and anything posted should be done so with the expectation that it may be publicly displayed.